Cold feet about winter walks?


It’s hard to have fun when you’re cold. I can’t guarantee our outdoor adventures will always be fun filled, but I do know if the children (or adults) are cold and wet, the odds on happy family times are pretty low.

Yes, it’s boring but true; ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.’ And Wainwright should know.

There’s something very satisfying about defying the weather; being cosy, warm and dry when the rain is coming down sidewards. Here are a few of our best discoveries that increase the odds of a good day out in the rain and cold. These are just my honest opinions, I’m not on commission (but perhaps I should be!). I’d love to hear about your wet weather essentials.

I’d highly recommend waterproof trousers – I wear them at the slightest chance of rain including on the school run! Mine are lined and toasty warm. Husband and eldest have the more basic kind without lining, but they still do the job. Eldest’s were just £5.99 from Decathalon. 


Decathalon is our new discovery for outdoor wear. It’s like the Ikea of sportwear – practical, stylish and reasonably priced. Our favourite purchase so far is a pair of boots for Eldest. Wellies can be cold and uncomfortable. These are warm and dry – so far no leaks and they have been well tested! They’re described as ‘snow boots’ but we’ve found they can go most places wellies can go. They have a wide opening and a velcro fastening so they’re easy to get on and off. They’re waterproof and breathable and clean up well. The only problem we’ve found is that they don’t come in a small enough size for Youngest. They do go up to 5.5 and are priced at a very reasonable £14.99. Maybe I need to try a pair. boot






On a final footwear note, if you’re looking for ‘barefoot’ style cosiness for little ones, Stonz are a popular option and another of our favourites (until we lost one!)  They have a more expensive price tag at around £30 , but they do last if you buy big.

stonz daisy

I feel a little sad looking at this picture. Lost little boot, where are you?

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