Our blog started as a place to chart our walking adventures and has since evolved with life’s journey to incorporate our home education escapades too. Read on for a bit more of the back story, or head straight off to what interests you using the links at the top of the page.

Walking with the Kids

We used to walk a lot, before the children. Footpaths, bridleways, cycle routes, coastal paths, hill walks, even a mountain (the easy path up Snowden and the cafe was closed!) We walked just us two, or with friends; remember Peckwood, Church Langton, Cheddar Gorge, Derbyshire, the Lake District? We weren’t avid walkers, not map-round-your-neck, pole wielding walkers, (as yet) but we enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and exploring new places on foot.

And then we had children and it kind of dropped off a bit, limited to toddling around the woods or a few favourite short walks we knew. This usually involves walking a long way but not progressing very far; zigzagging from the snail over there to that muddy puddle the other side and back to the snail again; 2 steps forward one step back.

We still progress at a childhood ‘awe and wonder’ pace (and we learn a lot from them when we are patient). The children were 2 and 5 when I started this blog, we’ve been slowly extending the distance we can cover and a tea room or cafe at the end is always a helpful incentive. I write these posts to record some of our walks and inspire us to try new things. Maybe also to capture our wider ‘walk’ with the kids as they grow. I can’t promise I’ll keep it up or post regularly – I’m terrible at sticking with my ‘good ideas’ but I’ll give it a go.

We live in Cornwall (what better place to explore?) so most of our walks will be around our local area, with maybe a few beyond.

Home Education

We also chart our home education adventures here, from rock pooling to poetry. Eldest was at school for 4 years. He is currently home educated and flourishing. Youngest is in school. Our style of home ed evolves as we go, we’re what you might call semi-structured; we do a bit of ‘formal’ tabletop work, mostly for Maths and English, and lots of learning through real-life experience, conversation, reading, playing.


  1. We love exploring too!
    I’m a Cornish mum of one, but now living in Devon! I’ve set up an industrial history exploration guide that you might draw inspiration from!

    All the best!

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