Home Education

What you need to know about home education

Welcome to home education! I’ve been home educated now for 18 months, we’ve tried lots of things and I thought I would share with you what we have learned about home ed. Just so you know, I’m 9 and would be in year 5 in the UK system.


Normally, I have 5 jobs to do before 12:00, morning routine, sensory activity, literacy, maths and house job. I like to know what I’m doing each day so a routine is helpful.


Sometimes it’s helpful to have something to keep me going, we have a marble jar and every time we do a routine job we get a marble. when it’s full we get either £2.00 pocket money or a treat like go to a cafe. But obviously with coronavirus (covid 19) we can’t go to any cafes!


Exercise is very important for protecting you from coronavirus. we walk around our estate every day, it also helps motivate your kids.

Online Resources

Here are a few things we have tried: IXL(free for 30 days then subscription kicks in, it offers maths and english practice), Night Zookeeper (subscription english), Doodlemaths(some limited free access), Khan Academy (free, mostly maths tutorial videos, some science and coding), Reading Eggs (maths and reading), Duolingo (languages)

Ways We Learn Together

We go to our local library quite a lot mostly to get books for educational reasons and watch lots of youtube videos, we have conversations over the dinner table and ask lots of questions. If we don’t know the answer in our family, we find someone else we know who does! Documentaries on TV are a great way to learn things. We bake, we grow food. It doesn’t have to all be books and writing.

Enjoy it!

One of the best things about home ed is being with your family! Enjoy It!

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