Devichoys Wood

A beautiful woodland and a step back into the past just off the main Truro-Falmouth road.

The woodland trust website says:

[Devichoys is] a beautiful 40-acre area of ancient woodland. Sessile oaks are the dominant tree species, but there are also beech trees, holly and rowan as well as woodland plants and plenty of fungi, lichens, butterflies, birds and small mammals, in the right season. Dogs are allowed on a lead. Lovely for a walk or for nature watching.

There is parking for 2-3 cars off the road. Cross the small stream and the access to the woodland is ahead of you. There is a circular walk that takes around 30 minutes.

Despite the rain, we headed out with the waterproofs and enjoyed a wander round the woods on Sunday. The kids were in their element; stomping in the puddles, making channels and rivers. It was a day for noticing the beauty in small things;  the piercing red berries like jewels fallen amongst the leaves; the raindrops suspended on new buds; the different colours and textures of moss and heather.

Afterwards we stopped at the Olive Grove Bistro, just a few hundred yards down the main road. Like Devichoys, it’s a hidden gem – pop in for coffee and cake or something more hearty.

Have you seen buds on the trees yet?

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