Heligan Harvest


Harvest at Heligan is a special time. I love all the autumn colours and the rich abundance of foods on display. It really does remind me that we owe our lives to the food mother nature provides; how precious the soil and our natural ecosystems are.

Today we met Grandma and Grandad (in their caravan) and then wandered through the gardens to the bird hide where we’ve not taken the kids before. I don’t know how we’ve missed it, it’s easy to spot if you look for it – down the short lane behind the fields near the animals. It’s a great place for children to learn more about nature, food chains and our reliance on them  You can watch videos of animals doing their thing in the gardens, including the barn owls raising their chicks. Behind the hide is a wilderness for birds who come flitting in and out to the feeders. The sparrows were enjoying a feast of flies, springing up quickly like a jack in the box and back down again.

Our pasties from the Steward’s House cafe were all the more enjoyable for being eaten outside in the warm October sunshine. Down in the jungle,  Eldest and Daddy tackled the rope bridge whilst Youngest and I played on the new wooden play area in the field nearby. It’s new this year and is a great addition for the kids. We were too busy playing to take a photo today. It was great for our 4 and 6 year old, and younger ones with a bit of help.

Youngest was in song all afternoon, delighting us and others with her spontaneous song and dance (she went to her first dance class the day before). Later in the day, Eldest launched into one of our childhood harvest songs that he has been learning at school. We could remember at least a few of the lines! (...Broad beans sleeping in a blankety bed.)

As we were about to leave Heligan we came across a tasting session in the tent. Here we sampled some of the garden produce cooked by the restaurant chef and the kids enjoyed tasting apples from the garden. Which rounded of a perfect day very nicely!

I can imagine the harvest feast nights at Heligan are a great experience and one we’d like to try one day.

This year, Heligan Harvest is on until 16th October.

See our other post about a spring visit to Heligan Gardens and a walk from Heligan to Mevagissey






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