Truro to New Mills

One of the things I love about Truro is that you’re never far from countryside and open spaces. We certainly needed them on Saturday; I’m very grateful for the mental health benefits that being out in the natural world brings!

This walk, from the end of St George’s Road in Truro leads you through the Kenwyn River valley to the ford at New Mills and back into Truro on the other side of the valley. On the return route there is a fantastic view of the city, taking in the cathedral (which seems to rise from a vale of trees) and the viaduct. We were lucky enough to see a train pass over. Well, it was partly luck, partly reliance on technology to check the train times!

Eldest ran ahead or strayed behind today. Youngest rode and walked. I can’t say I would wholeheartedly recommend you take a bike, there are lots of stiles and a bit of bumpy ground. Hers is a small balance bike and light to carry; we were glad of it when she tired of walking.

This walk helped turn our day around today. We spent a fantastic evening with friends with a slight nod to the Queen’s official birthday (cake) and flashbacks to ET as 10 kids flew up and down the street on all kinds of wheels. Happy times.

What you need to know
Parking: Parking available on side streets nearby, or park in town for a longer walk.
Toilets: No
Cafe: No. Although you’re not far from town
Pushchair suitable? Hmm, maybe the first small section, then turn back on yourself. Further on there are steps and stiles and narrow paths in places. So no.
Time: Somewhere around 1.5/2 hrs including stops for exploring.
This does take in some narrow lanes so care is needed. Also watch where you step, it seems there are inconsiderate dog owners that use this footpath.


Cornwall Council have a very helpful interactive map showing footpaths. This map shows the walk described. You can move it around to get your bearings. We took the middle of the three footpaths leading out of Truro, at the bend of Bosvigo Lane.

Shortly after you’ve crossed the river you can return to Truro, or continue on to New Mills. Follow the footpath across the fields with the river on your left. When you reach the road, turn left and left again, you will see the fords ahead.

Continue straight on following the lane up the hill. Look our for the footpath to the left with the stone stile.

Cross the fields, enjoy the views. Another stile leads to the road, turn left and follow it down the hill. Just around the corner after the cycle path on the right you will see a few stone steps in the wall (see the pic below), this path will lead you through trees, past Bosvigo House to Barton Meadow and eventually Bosvigo Lane, or you can follow the road back.

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