Cot Valley Walk

I love staying away from home and the changes to routine it brings. This is a walk we took from Land’s End youth hostel after our recent stay. I think this may have been my favourite part of the weekend, the pictures don’t quite do it justice. The mist that had lingered all day was finally lifting and the swallows were in full flight, soaring up and down the valley beside us, heralding the arrival of spring.

Across the garden of the youth hostel we found a small gate which led out onto a small path. We followed the path down hill, then to the right as it crossed a stream and led us to the road. Further down the road here was a bridge over the stream and the footpath continued along the valley and to the sea.

Porth Nanven is the cove at the end of the valley and is a site of special scientific interest –  huge (dinosaur) egg shaped boulders cover the beach.

The snails were out in force enjoying the damp weather and feasting on a plant I didn’t recognise.

There is a car park at Porth Nanven cove on the site of Wheal Bellan mine. Scars of the industrial past remain with addits, open mine shafts and ruins of mine workings evident through the valley.

This is the perfect evening stroll from the youth hostel, it was very refreshing in the mild spring evening after a wet day. Nature at its best.


26174884613_7cd38f7d3f_o (Small)

26505976960_29f11633d9_o (Small)

26505973580_65ba250421_o (Small)

26174849703_37fc984328_o (Small)

26173216534_959b9d189b_o (Small)

26505945700_6f6a11faa8_o (Small)

26173211854_488917ee28_o (Small)

26753783536_014b2acc0f_o (Small)
Sea Campion
26173075084_f5ced111ee_o (Small)
Swallow, from ‘Birds of Field and Forest’ at the youth hostel

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