St Clement to Tresillian

I can’t remember when I last went for a walk ALONE. I carried nothing and stopped for no-one! It was a great way to get some exercise as well as enjoying the Cornish countryside and all the mental health benefits of being in nature.The morning started off cloudy and as I walked the clouds lifted, both real and metaphorical.

We’ve wandered along this riverside path before, but never made it as far as the road at Tresillian. I spotted a heron, a curlew a few ducks, numerous little birds hopping on the path and filling the air with song, as well as the pheasant’s course call drifting across the river. I can see the kids on bikes here in the future, it’s a little bumpy underfoot for those just learning and can get muddy at times though. Watch out for places where the path meets the road if the kids are running or riding ahead.

What you need to know

Parking:  Yes, spaces for 5-6 cars at St Clement, or roadside parking back up the hill.
Toilets: Yes, in St Clement opposite the lane leading to the church.
Cafe: No. Although you could extend the walk to The Wheel Inn or the Garden Centre in Tresillian. It’s a long walk alongside the road though.
Pushchair suitable? Yes, but be aware it does get muddy at times.
Time: I’d guess 2 hours with time to stop and stare. I strode out and did it in 1 hr.


Take the path from the car park at St Clements with the river on your right. Eventually you will pass a house on your left, just past here there is a small bridge and path to the right. You take either path to complete the loop, I followed straight on to join the road that leads to Pencalenick. Here there is a small stream, perfect for a spot of paddling perhaps?

Continue on until you reach the road, turn right over the bridge to the main road.You need to head to the right here and follow the road a little. Unless you want to walk on the verge (I wouldn’t with kids), use the pedestrian crossing and walk along the pavement to the next crossing where you can rejoin the path. Look out for the public footpath sign. Follow the path which takes you through the reed bed, over the small bridge and back to the main path. Return the way you came to get back to the car park.

Along the riverside path there are permissive footpaths indicated. I’ve not explored these, but it looks like they lead up into a small wooded area and back again.

Alternatively you could park in the layby in Tresillian (shown in the picture below) and do the walk the other way round, stopping for a picnic on the bench overlooking the river at St Clement. Or continue on from St Clement to Malpas if you’re looking for a longer walk. Here you could eat at the Heron Inn.



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