Pinnock Tunnel

Today we were fortunate enough to take a trip through Cornwall’s longest tunnel.  The Cornwall Mineral Railway was once an extensive network crossing the county transporting the products of Cornish mining. Pinnock Tunnel was cut in the 1870s through the granite hills and connects Fowey and Par Docks. The 1,173 yard (1,073 m) tunnel is now owned by Imerys and used as a haul road for the lorries carrying china clay.

Once a year, the PL24 Community Association  organise trips through the tunnel with the kind permission of Imerys. We opted for the Fowey Land train trip, £5 for adults, £2.50 for children. Next weekend you can cycle through the tunnel.

You can see a video of the trip through the tunnel with commentary in case you missed this year’s opportunity!

Here are a few photos taken today.


Afterwards we went for a play at the Seahorse Centre, Pentewan and enjoyed the glorious sea views. Youngest went to stay the night with Grandma and Grandad and Eldest got to play with his trains at home in peace. Everywhere looked so beautiful in the sunshine today. I hope you got to enjoy it too.

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