Potager Garden

The Potager is on our list of 10 places to visit this year in Cornwall. This was our first visit of the year, accompanied by the upcountry Grandparents. Eldest was at a Raze the Roof birthday party and the Potager is a handy 10 minutes away. We love it here. It seems a lot of other people do too and over the 5 years we’ve been going it has got busier and busier.  Still, the garden offered its usual serene vibe and was not over-run. We lingered in the large greenhouse, playing table tennis and shovelling stones. There were moments of sunshine when we felt we could have been in the med; imagine a very rustic mediterranean biome.

We stayed for the afternoon and Eldest joined us, not wanting to miss out on the Potager experience. The food was delicious as always and the cake was reportedly good too. The staff are usually very accommodating  and will put together plates for little ones on request. This year the garden and cafe are open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10-5, food 10-3.

The Potager remains a firm favourite and we will be back soon. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

What you need to know

Parking:  Free on site. There is a large, lower car park and a smaller car park nearer the cafe for disabled access.
Toilets: Yes
Cafe: Yes!
Pushchair suitable? There are a few steps with a pushchair accessible route too. The garden is not large so Youngest was walking today.
Time: As long as you like.

Read more about the Potager on this post, and check out the Potager Garden website.


Spelt risotto with mushrooms and red pepper / Vegetable Fritatta and Salad





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