Trelissick Beach

Last weekend we visited the Maritime Museum by train from Truro. Eldest had been with the school recently and enjoying showing us around. The sea sparkled in the sunshine (yes sunshine!) and the view from the look out tower was rich with the promise of warmer weather to come. (But not here yet). Travelling by train is always a favourite with the kids and its a great way to see some of the countryside.

We did get out for a short walk this weekend at Trelissick  (again). It’s our failsafe when we need to get out of the house and don’t want to go far. We just wandered to the beach and back and took our own ‘cafe’ in the van. (It’s going soon so it might have been the last van picnic.) Eldest was not pleased at the prospect of missing a trip to the ‘real’ cafe, but tucked into his hot chocolate all the same. Today he enjoyed dispersing some sunflower seeds for the birds. We then followed what was left of them back to the car park, Hansel and Gretel style. We could see the way we had come as it was marked by birds! He also enjoyed casting some out to sea, wondering where they might end up. He settled on China. Youngest passed the walk in her usual way: asleep. She did wear a coat though which is a small (actually, huge) victory!

NEW TODAY is a photo taken by Eldest. I’d like to get the kids voices in here a little more, so he gets to take a photo of anything he chooses on the walk. Youngest too, when she’s awake.

What you need to know
I think you know the details by now, I’ve posted about Trelissick herehere and here. For ease, here they are again:

Parking:  At Trelissick – free if you’re a national trust member. Or there are some spaces in a layby nearby but it means walking a little way along the road with no pavement.
Toilets: Yes
Cafe: Yes
Pushchair suitable? Yes, although over fields which can get muddy in the winter.
Time: As long as you like. This is only a short walk, 10 mins from the car park to the beach.

By the main car park there are gates and a cattle grid into the parkland around the gardens. You will see the head of the river ahead of you.


Eldest’s photo  – ‘Seeds for the birds.’





Debris caught in the gaps in the stone wall, delivered by the rising tide. We found a red berry, some bamboo and a Falmouth Tall Ships pass from 2015.







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