Trelissick North Woodland Walk

We’ve done the first part of the Woodland Walk that circles Trelissick Gardens before; down towards the beach on Channels Creek and round to the King Harry Ferry. Last weekend we did the other half of the circle; following the path beside the River Fal and Lamouth Creek, then zigzaging back up the hill to Trelissick.

I think this second half of the loop might be our favourite. Eldest liked looking at the huge ships moored up in the River Fal and splashing in the waterfall and stepping stones at the bottom of the valley. He also loved spotting the various fungi we saw on the way round.  Youngest was mostly asleep which was good as we all needed her to sleep! She woke in time for our picnic in the car and a bit of chestnut hunting. It was good to feel the golden sunshine on us and smell the damp leaves underfoot. Once I have grieved for summer, I love autumn.

One day we will return and do the walk to Roundwood Fort and Quay that extends on the other side of the creek.

See the complete Woodland Walk marked on this map:


What you need to know

Parking:  The easiest parking is at Trelissick Gardens, £4 for non members.
Toilets: At Trelissick Gardens. You can access these without going into the gardens.
Cafe: Yes – NT cafe at the Gardens.
Pushchair suitable? Do-able. The path is wide and smooth. It’s fairly steep up the zig zag path and there are some steps at the start of this walk so you’d have to be prepared to carry or bump! I did see someone with a double buggy today so it can be done.
Time: 1 hour with time to stop and look.


We’re NT members so we walked down through the gardens and out via the lower entrance. (If you’re not going into the garden you can walk down the road. There is a doorway out to the road in the lower part of the car park near the toilets.)

As you leave the Gardens, take the steps on your left that lead down to the road.

Cross the road and pick up the path that continues up into the woodland straight ahead.

The path will lead you alongside the River Fal and Lamouth Creek. At the head of the creek you will see a sign indicating the uphill return route to Trelissick. Just below you here is the waterfall and pool pictured below.

Follow the sign to return to Trelissick, the path zigzags up the hill.

Cross the road (take care it’s fast and can be busy if the ferry has just come in).

Pass the Old Lodge on your left and follow the path beside the pines across the field to return to the car parks and gardens.

If you want a detour you can cross the field and head down to Channel Creek where there is a pebbly beach.






Stereum hirsutum?



Maybe ganoderma adspersum? After consulting my handy Collins Guide and Google.


And these stripy little fellas might be Trametes versicolor?






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