Heligan – Mevagissey

mevaWe did this one recently with the upcountry grandparents. Its a nice woodland walk through Heligan woods and through the valley to Mevagissey: a small fishing village with a working harbour and plenty of ice cream shops to choose from. If you have all day then you can take in a potter around Heligan Gardens too. That’s a lot of walking for little legs; we can’t manage both in one day yet.

We noticed a new section of footpath had been opened down into the woods just before the stream. We’ve not explored it yet as were ill equipped on a wet day without wellies. Something for next time.

You can make this a circular walk, but our favourite part is through the woods so I’d recommend taking that way there and back. Its also a bit shorter too. We did try the longer version returning through the camp site, but there was a lot of ‘how much further?’ towards the end. And not just from me.

What you need to know

Parking: At Heligan or Mevagissey car parks.
Toilets: Heligan and Mevagissey in the village and on the harbour.
Cafe: At Heligan and pasty shops, bakeries, pubs, fish and chips, icecreams etc available in Mevagissey.
Pushchair suitable? Not through the woods. The route via the campsite is possible with a pushchair, but the steep return journey would be a challenge.
Time: Somewhere around 2 hrs walking with a nice long stop in Meva to break it up. That’s generous and based on 5 year old pace.


Starting at Heligan – (toilets and cafe available here).

From the toilets the undercover walkway will take you to the entrance to the gardens, or to pick up the walk, take the road that runs alongside and follows the perimeter of the woodland. Keep on along here under the trees with the stone walls either side. Eventually the road has a turn to the left, follow this down the hill into the valley. Continue on past a few houses and jump the little stream. The path leads you along the valley.  It’s usually wet along here, we made it in trainers but wellies are a must unless you want to be clinging to the hedges all the way.

Eventually you will come out onto a wider track, follow the track down the hill, over a small stream and into Mevagissey. You will pass the sports field on your right. Just past here there is a small playground – you can walk through here and along by the stream – it rejoins the road further down, or just follow the road along into the village.

On the return route, take the same path past the sports field, up and away from Mevagissey. You can take the left turn back the way you came through the woods, or continue on up the hill on the wider path. It’s longer (and steeper!) and it does offer a change of scene for those who don’t want to retrace their steps, but I can’t say there’s much of interest. If you take this route you will continue up the hill with the road to your right. Take the right turn which leads over a small bridge and is signposted Heligan. Continue along here and into the camp site. Keep going until you reach a small sign for Heligan. There is a gate here on your right which leads you back into the car park right at the entrance.

Here you can put your feet up in the cafe (the wood burner’s often on in the colder weather) or visit the Farm Shop.

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